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Gadget Insurance

Gadgets are now an integral part of our everyday life. It is not unusual to carry many hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets or hi-tech equipment around with us at any one time, making Gadget Insurance as essential as Home or Landlords Insurance.

It’s not only mobile phones we need Gadget Insurance for, some gadgets we just cannot live without.Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones are just a few of the ways our life is more and more electronically connected to the World Wide Web and our friends.

We can offer cover for all of the most popular gadgets on the market, including:

  • Sat-Nav’s
  • Games Systems (Hand held or Console) Sony Playstation, PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/One, Wii or Nintendo 3DS to name a few.
  • Camcorders
  • Mobile/Smart Phones
  • Ipads/Tablets
  • Ipods/MP3/MP4 players
  • Laptops/Netbooks

Most are not cheap to replace, and should something happen to them, it pays to have the best cover available.

Gadget insurance can cover some or all of your consumer electronics against accidental damage, (including water or liquid damage) accidental loss and theft whether you are at home or out. We have policies that can be tailored to cover one item or multiple electronic devices, and can even be tailored to cover mechanical breakdown, effectively covering your item for expensive repair costs, should it break or mechanically fail.

Look after your gadgets, at home, out and about or even on holiday with Top Marques Gadget Insurance UK!

Doesn’t my house contents insurance cover my gadgets?

Not all home insurance policies cover your gadgets, especially away from home without extra premium payable, and even then, cover is not as comprehensive as specific gadget insurance.

Many home insurers now exclude accidental damage cover to Laptops, phones, Ipads /tablets and hand held electronic devices as standard, or severely limit cover. There also may be an excess to pay, and loss of that all-important ‘no claims discount.’

Home Insurance policies also won’t cover for mechanical breakdown, something our gadget insurance can provide for many of your items.

I currently have mobile phone insurance with my service provider, why do I need Top Marques Gadget Insurance?

If you currently have mobile phone insurance provided by your phone operator you probably are paying too much, compared to what we, at Top Marques can offer.

Most people agree to buying mobile phone insurance from their mobile provider without checking out the alternatives first, mainly due to not realising there are different options available at vastly more competitive premiums.

Mobile phone Insurance offered by your phone provider will also be limited to your specific phone, whereas we can tailor a policy to cover multiple items at once. We can even offer extended cover to pay to replace all your lost Apps!

However, it is always important to remember to make a back-up of your data where possible. Insurance can cover the loss of your phone and Apps, but unique, personal data such as photos can never be recovered without a back-up.

Need cheap gadget insurance quotes? Click on the link opposite to see how much we can save you!


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